TEC Injection


TEC Injection System

Global Dynamics Inc. is proud to offer TEC Cable Injection System and services. Our System is designed to be mobile which makes injecting cable in most locations an option. Our versatile system is able to safely and efficiently inject different sizes of TEC Cable, as well as braided cable, into the desired coiled tubing size. The simple yet robust design has a pressurized drive mechanism which is designed to protect the cable and personnel. Along with our injection capabilities, we are able to supply the Slip Ring and Surface packoff so converting your conventional coiled tubing into E-coil becomes an easy process.

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Inject 1/8” to ¼” TEC line (all sizes of braided cable)
  • Simple yet robust design
  • Hydraulic and electric systems provide infinite adjustable options for specific application
  • Serviceable system during injection without damaging TEC line
  • Mobile